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Welcome Home - Miniature Furniture in 1:6 Scale

Share Your Story: Submit Your Miniature Furniture Business

By Mannequinmaven

Welcome Home - Miniature Furniture in 1:6 Scale

1965 New Barbie Dream House redecorated by Welcome Home

Welcome Home - Miniature Furniture in 1:6 Scale

Glamorous dresser in Dorothy Draper style in FDQ mag.

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Welcome Home

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Maryann Roy's Blog


Products and Specialities, Price Range, Where Sold

1:6 scale (Fashion Doll ) furnishings, accessories and decor sold through my website and blog.

Prices starting at $25.00 for accessory pieces. Entire sets, including walls, furnishings and accessories available for $350.00 +

Affiliations or Shows Attended Regularly as a Vendor

Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine (www.fdqmedia.com)

Integrity Toy Company

Scales, Periods, Types of Furniture Made

1:6 scale furnishings, sets, accessories for today's most discerning Fashion Doll.

Neo-Retro designs include modern, glamour, and classic era furnishings.

Inviting, intriguing, and totally original designs make your dolls come to life!

What Makes These Pieces Unique

All designs are created and hand made by me. Creative flair and know-how help to bring rooms, as well as dolls to life.

Realism and style captured the attention of creative at Integrity Doll Co. who in turn requested sets and furnishings by Welcome Home to debut some of their new line in 2010.

Maryann Roy is a contributing editor to Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine. Utilizing her craft in doll restoration, doll photography and writing skills, Maryann is a vital part of the FDQ experience.

Showing the collector not only how to enjoy their dolls, but how to add another dimension to the joy of collecting.


  • Use your furnishings in unexpected places like table tops, corner shelves, or use a curio cabinet to house room settings to look like store windows.
  • Keep upholstered furnishings out of direct sunlight so that fabric is not compromised.
  • Help your dolls come alive by placing them in a room setting rather than just standing in rows on a shelf.

Lesley Shepherd, About.com Miniatures, says:

Maryann's range of playscale or fashion doll furniture in 1:6 scale is wonderful for use in room settings or photo sets.

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