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Pamela J Minis - Loving the Challenge

Share Your Story: Submit Your Miniature Food Business

By Pamela J

Pamela J Minis - Loving the Challenge

Making Deviled Eggs

Pamela J Minis - Loving the Challenge

Deli Meats

Miniature Food Business Name

Pamela J Minis

Miniature Food Business Website URL


Products and Specialities, Price Range, Where Sold

Miniature Food, roomboxes, polymer clay items sold on my website http://pamelajminis.com

Affiliations or Shows Attended Regularly as a Vendor

Haven't yet but plan to show at Seattle Show

Scales, Periods, Types of Food Sold?

1:12 Scale - all types of food.

What Makes The Products Unique?

I make every piece with great detail and care. I love to challenge myself and make everything as realistic as the real foods I am trying to re-create. I am passionate about my work and love every minute of it.


  • Whatever you do in mini - do it with passion and have fun with it.

Lesley Shepherd, About.com Miniatures, says:

Love the Deli Meats!

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