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Delight Clay a Delight to Use

Reader Reviews: Review Your Favorite Brand of Air Dry or Polymer Clay

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By minigardener

Name of product: 

Delight Air Dry Clay

My Review 

It took me a while to get used to the marshmallow texture of this air dry clay, but now I love working with it. It is soft and powdery to the touch, leaves no residue on your hands, and a package makes lots of miniatures! It does shrink slightly as it dries. I haven't made any thick objects with it yet, but I suspect there might be some warping of larger objects. It would be best to build a core, let it dry, then model damp clay onto the dried core.

It takes detail well, is great regardless of your working temperature, is very easy to squish and model and you can mix any color you want into it, or paint it after your project is dry with acrylics, water color paints or markers. This means one block of Delight can be turned into any color you need. It seems to store well in a zip lock bag and not dry out, although you can re moisten it with a bit of water, or leave a damp paper towel in with the clay if it is starting to dry out.

It picks up textures beautifully, but a damp brush blends away all fingerprints or too deep textures. To add pieces to an almost finished model just moisten, wait a few minutes, then stick on the additions and blend the moist into the slightly dried clay.

Ease of Use 

Non Toxic and very easy to use, no conditioning needed, is the consistency of marshmallows, but will roll out or can be shaped with modelling tools or damp brushes. Starts to dry once you open the bag so store it in a zip lock bag and only remove small amounts at a time keeping some water handy.

Product Strengths 

Surprisingly versatile though you do need to add a protective coating to finished objects. It isn't translucent, and won't exactly cane, but it can be rolled out onto a glued surface and textured for walkways, roofs, and rocks like paperclay. As it stays soft after drying you can poke things into it

I Prefer This Clay Because... 

It is easy to shape, dries without distorting, although it shrinks a bit. Very versatile and a lovely soft finish, which takes paint, makers and coatings well. No fumes, no baking, little mess, and any color you want from one package. Good for children's projects. Downside is you need to seal it.

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