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Miniatures: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Measure without Using a Ruler Using Body...
Quick measurement references based on your body, stationery, or common coins, that you can use if you find yourself without a ruler. This helps modellers and miniaturists to gauge the rough scale of items they might be interested in buying for a collection.
Match Old and New Wood with Common Household...
Age or weather raw wood easily with these instructions that use basic household materials. Create a silvery aged finish for any untreated wood,in order to quickly age craft and shabby chic projects or match replaced sections of fences or furniture.
Custom Dollhouse Furniture Instructions and...
Step by step instructions for detailed dollhouse and miniature furniture projects made from craft wood using simple handtools. These clear photo instructions help develop techniques that can be used for many styles of furniture and historic periods.
Quick Fixes For Stuck Decorative Paper Punches
How to fix or make minor repairs to stuck decorative paper punches with plastic covers.
Make Custom Doll Clothes and Shoes For Any Doll
Use this list of free custom doll clothes and shoe patterns to design and sew custom clothes for any size, shape or brand of doll, including Barbie ™.
Make Fairy Garden Furniture Using Twigs
Use twigs from the woods or your garden to make a range of furniture pieces in miniature scales suitable for fairy gardens indoors and out.
Recycle Plastic Rods and Straws Into Dollhouse...
How to make a range of dollhouse and model scale miniature bottles from recycled plastic rods and straws. The bottles can be shaped into milk and wine bottles, baby bottles, canning jars and a range of other miniatures in several model scales.
Use an Empty Drink Container To Make a...
This woodland tree house is made from common recyclable materials and can be used as a home for miniature mice, a family of calico critters, a Realpuki elf, or other woodland figures in roughly 1:24 scale.
Free Printables To Make Model and Dollhouse...
Free printable miniature projects and tutorials for original accessories for dollhouse and model scenes. These include dollhouse and shop miniatures, doll clothing, miniature tea sets books, souvenirs, wallpapers, boxes and bags, printable buildings and glitter houses for model villages and train layouts, as well as gift boxes and treat or favor containers.
What Scale Are Your Dollhouse Miniatures? How...
Learn the common dollhouse scales, 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, 1:48 and how to easily check which scale you have.
How to Choose Fruit Trees for More Fruit in...
How to choose a dwarf or miniature fruit tree to suit your situation and needs, including rootstocks, special pruning and tips on growing in pots.
Bend Sheet Acrylic or Plexiglass For Crafts...
Use a butane kitchen torch, embossing heat tool, or heat gun to bend plastic for miniatures and models.
Make a Working Miniature Fountain or Waterfall...
How to use miniature water pumps to make recycling water features for model scenes, dollhouses and fairy gardens.
Find a Design For Your Dream Dollhouse
Use this two page list of free dolls' house plans and online sources for free and purchased plans to build dollhouses in a range of styles and scales, including fashion dolls, as well as traditional 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Many of these plans for doll houses are easy to build.
Make a Realistic MIniature Christmas Tree
Make a realistic scale miniature Christmas tree for a dolls house, railroad scene, or Christmas village using a basic bottle brush or bottle brush craft tree and preserved lycopodium (prince's/princess pine) greenery.
Make Scale Model Stone Walls from Recycled...
How to make simple scale model stone walls and buildings from painted and coated styrofoam bead board or dense insulation foam sheets.
How to Use EZ Water or Casting Resin to Make...
Make a simple model pond or pool for a dollhouse garden or a miniature terrain or railroad model using a variety of materials and simple techniques. This is a good tutorial for a beginning modeller.
Tips on Caring For Miniature Kordana Roses
Information about growing Kordana miniature roses
How to Make Tiny Garden Gnomes for Fairy...
How to make miniature gnomes in dollhouse scale from two part epoxy putty or polymer clay
Make Tiny Realistic Palms From Paper or Fabric
Make tiny palm trees in several model scales for gaming terrains, railroad scenes, dolls houses, or Christmas Nativity scenes using paper and wire.
Turn Your Broken Flowerpots Into Miniature...
How to make a landscaped miniature or fairy garden in a broken plant pot.
Tips For Prepping and Painting MDF for a Better...
Techniques and tips for priming and sealing mdf (medium density fiberboard) for a better paint finish for any type of project including dolls houses and displays.
Photos of 1:12 Scale Roomboxes from the 2015...
Slide show of 1:12 scale miniature roombox displays from the 2015 Seattle Miniature Show beginning with a modified radio by Georgia Matuschak
What Should You Use to Build a Dollhouse or...
Information on building materials used to construct model buildings and dolls houses in various scales.
More than 50 Easy Miniature Projects to Make
Make dollhouse furniture and accessories easily with the more than 50 beginner's scale miniature projects linked to this gallery. Each tutorial is designed to give a beginner experience with a particular technique or material.
Acrylic Paint Tips for Miniatures and Models
Uses of acrylic paint across the field of miniatures. When to use acrylic paint, what types to use, how to clean up.
Make Mary Janes for a Doll
Make these miniature Mary Jane style doll shoes from patterns you custom fit to your particular doll.
Make Simple Tables for Dolls House or Scale...
Tutorial on how to make simple tables for dollhouse, railroad and other scale model or miniature scenes.
Sources For Free Printable Miniature Houses,...
List of websites with links to free printable card buildings for railroad or dollhouse scale scenes or game terrains.
Make Dollhouse or Miniature Fence Pickets from...
Use stir sticks to make dolls house fence pickets.
Use Twigs To Make Tiny Chairs for a Fairy...
Step by Step illustrated instructions to make a rustic twig chair for a miniature doll's house cabin front porch in 1:12 dollhouse or other scale. This furniture is very easy and inexpensive to make.
Easy to Grow Plants for Fairy Gardens or...
List of plants (with photos) that suit the creation of miniature or fairy garden landscapes or garden railroads outdoors or in pots.
Make Simple Domed Buildings from Foam, Paper...
Domed buildings are relatively easy to make using these instructions. Make them for small scale scenes for nativities, Bethlehem scenes, or middle eastern game terrain settings.
How to Make Churchill the Miniature Polar Bear
Make Churchill the miniature stuffed polar bear for a dolls house scene or miniature bear collection. This little felt bear is a good first tiny teddy project at just 2.5 inches tall.
How To Make Working Base Cabinets for a...
How to make opening base cabinets for a custom dollhouse kitchen.
Make a Torso Sloper For Custom Fit Clothing for...
How to custom fit a bodice or torso 'sloper' or basic pattern to any doll, including dolls house dolls, model horse rider dolls, fashion dolls, Barbie™, BJD's and larger dolls including the American Girl Dolls.
Make Realistic Roses from Paper
Make 1:12, 1:24 or 1:48 dollhouse scale paper roses for a miniature display or for use with other miniature scenes.
Tutorial for Peg People and Clothespin Dolls
Make a range of dressed and international clothes pin dolls for decorations, or as figures for dolls' houses or dioramas.
Use Twigs to Make a Rustic Table For a...
Step by Step illustrated instructions for making an Adirondack Rustic table for a miniature cabin front porch or doll house, in 1:12 doll's house or other scale. This dollhouse furniture is easy to make.
How to Make Simple Handmade Hinges for...
Make simple working miniature hinges for dollhouse or scale model projects using scrap metal cut from tin cans.
Miniature Water Features From Sheet Plastic
Make realistic still or running water features in any model scale using sheet styrene or acrylic over a base of dry floral foam.
Make Custom Dollhouse Windows or Model Windows...
Opening dollhouse windows you can make for model buildings or dollhosues including shop windows, opening casement windows and other styles.
Miniature Vignettes Exhibited at the 2015...
Vignettes from the 2015 Westcoast Miniature Show - Travel display of vintage luggage in a bookbox vignette by I.T.(Terry) Parkin .
Recycle Your Old Ropes or Cord into Nautical...
Clear photo instructions for how to make a nautical rope mat tied using the ocean plait knot. You can use this for rugs from dollhouse to doormat size
Make Faux Water for Models With Epoxy Resin
Tips and techniques for using two part epoxy resins to simulate water effects in miniatures and scale model scenes.
Great Reference Photos From Miniature Shows
List of photo galleries of show and reference photos for miniaturists, dollhouse builders, and model railroad scenes.
Should You Use Figures in Miniature Scenes?
Pros and cons of adding figures to scale miniature scenes or dolls houses, what to consider when you are building a scene in order to make it work better with figures or dolls.
How to Recognize 1:12 Scale For Dollhouses and...
Description of 1:12 scale and how to work out various sizes of objects in this scale for die cast cars, model railroads, dolls houses and other miniature items.
Build Custom Doll's House Kitchen Cabinets
Dollhouse scale projects for custom kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs and other furnishings for a model or dolls' house kitchen. Adapt these projects to make cabinets in your choice of styles, materials and colors.
Make Miniature Reminders of a Trip to the Beach
Make beach themed miniatures for a range of scale displays or summer keepsakes. Includes projects you can make full size like the ocean plait knot rug .
Top Companies Producing Collectible Miniature...
Most popular makers of miniature buildings, cottages and villages.
Quick Build Display Projects for Dollhouse...
Easy projects you can make to display a range of scale miniatures, including dolls houses and room boxes.
Make This Garden Gazing Ball for a Miniature or...
How to make a miniature garden gazing ball or gazing globe sized to fit a dollhouse or fairy garden.
Add a Realistic Faux Mahogany Finish to Almost...
Steps used to create a faux mahogany finish on almost any surface or size of item
How to Make Custom Opening Doors for Dollhouses...
How to make custom doors for dollhouses and other model buildings using only handtools,craft wood or sturdy card, and these well illustrated instructions and plans.
Printable Containers for Tiny Dollhouse Flowers
Make a set of printable miniature flower containers for a dolls house florist, corner shop or dolls house interior. These free printables are in scales of 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48
Most Popular 1:18 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top companies making 1:18 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and historic racing models.
Make Butterfly Koi from Polymer Clay
Make these miniature butterfly koi from polymer clay to use in a range of dolls house and scale model scenes.
How to Choose and Use a Pin Vise or Mini Drill
How to use a pin vice or pin vise, also known as a twist drill or miniature drill; for miniatures, models, and dollhouse projects.
Tips to Keep Your Decorative Paper Punches...
Keep your paper punches running smoothly by following these quick tips.
Free Printables for Tiny Traditional Glitter...
Three traditional printable cottages and landscaped bases for an N-scale Christmas village scene in traditional North American Putz or Glitter style.
Make a Simple Dolls House Roombox from Baltic...
Make a simple dolls house scale roombox from Baltic Birch Plywood. A roombox can be finished with a front glass frame, or sized to fit as a group inside a bookcase or other piece of furniture to make a baby house.
Learn How to Paint Faux Granite Finishes
Learn how to mimic a range of granite types with painted finishes on wood or other surfaces using acrylic paints.
Projects for Christmas or Winter Villages and...
Easy projects you can make to customize a winter or Christmas village scene or a Nativity or Bethlehem village / Creche.
Build a Simple Wooden Chest or Riding Tack...
Build a useful dolls house scale miniature wooden chest or trunk with an opening lid and interior sliding tray.
Make Dollhouse And Scale Model Bottles From...
Steps in making a simple mold for miniature or dolls house scale bottles, and how to use casting materials or Fimo Deko Gel to make bottles in the mold. Includes instructions for make fillable bottles.
How to Sculpt Poseable Miniature Dolls
How to make poseable miniature dolls for dolls houses or scale railroads using sculpting techniques and polymer clay, air dry clay, or epoxy putty.
Visual Comparison of Model Railroad Scales
This displays of freight cars clearly shows the difference in scale sizes of model trains for Z, N, HO, S, O and G scale railroads Page 15.
How to Make Stained Glass Effects and Windows...
Instructions for creating various types of stained glass in miniature including simple window patterns.
Make an Easy Bookend To Display a Miniature Scene
This easy to build bookend display project is a good start to working with mdf for creating miniature displays or dolls houses. This small project takes very little material and can be used to create a simple indoor or outdoor scene to place on a table top or in a bookcase.
Immortalize Your Dog in Miniature With Needlefelt
Instructions for making detailed scale miniature model dogs and dollhouse dogs or ornaments using simple needle felting techniques.
Make Dolls House Chairs From Wood
Tutorial showing how to make a simple wooden chair in dolls house scale. The chair is glued together with simple butt joins, and parts can be cut with a craft knife or a razor saw from stock sizes of craft wood.
Classic Painted Furniture Finishes For Miniatures
Classic painted furniture finishes you can apply to miniature furniture to create matching sets for a dolls house or miniature scene.
Use Your Printer on Tissue Paper
How to use a paper backing to easily print sheets of tissue paper using an ink jet or laser printer.
Exploring the History of Wade Whimsies
Information about the history and current new introductions of Wade Whimsies collectible miniatures.
Clever Use of Drinking Straws to Make a...
Make this scale miniature air mattress from plastic drinking straws with glue and a hot iron.
7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Paint Miniatures...
Learn 7 things to avoid if you want to improve your miniature and model painting techniques.
How to Make More than 40 Paper Plants and Flowers
These miniature plants and flowers can be made in several dollhouse and model scales from 1:48 to 1:6 and are useful for all kinds of miniature garden scenes, floral arrangements or as decorations or gifts.
Easy DIY Dollhouse Fireplace
Make this miniature fireplace in a range of styles for a dolls house or other scale model scene using wood, or pieces taken from a basic dollhouse kitchen hutch.
Free Dollhouse Miniature Printable Wallpaper...
Free printable dollhouse scale wallpaper, backdrops, and fabric designs for roomboxes,and dolls houses or scrapbooks. Designs are available in several scales including 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scale and print easily on letter sized paper.
Build a Dollhouse Roombox From Inexpensive...
Use these box building instructions to make a simple dollhouse roombox or custom container for a diorama from illustration board or book board.
Ornate bottles, flasks and flagons made from...
Make dollhouse scale flasks, flagons, and bottles from combinations of beads.
Basic Handtools Used to Make Dollhouse...
List of the best woodworking hand tools for anyone who likes to make dolls house miniatures, miniature displays and miniature furniture.
12 Easy to Make Accessories for Fairy Gardens
12 easy accessories to make for fairy or miniature gardens, indoors or out.
Pottery Backstamps
Backstamps in Pottery and Stamp collecting (philately)
Exterior Finishes for Model Buildings and...
Ways to create scale versions of traditional exterior finishes on model buildings and dolls houses
How to Sculpt a Miniature Head for a Doll or...
How to sculpt heads for miniature or dolls house dolls from polymer clay or air dry clay, paper clay or epoxy putty.
Make Custom Working Windows/ Doors And More for...
Make your own dolls house scale custom doors, windows, stairs and other building components using simple hand tools and craft materials.
Build a Bed for Your Doll
Make this easy wood bed for a doll, fashion (playscale) doll or dollhouse miniature doll using scale measurements or plan templates and simple construction techniques using wood or card.
Make Tiny Paper Gladiolus for Dollhouse Scenes
How to make custom gladiolus colors in dollhouse miniature scales using paper, wire, and glue.
Make Printable Paper or Fabric Hats With Brims...
Use these printables to make brimmed paper hats for fashion dolls or dollhouse scenes. After practising with paper you can use the printables as patterns for brimmed fabric hats in four scales from 1:6 to 1:48.
How to Choose Threads and Hooks for Miniature...
How to choose hook sizes and threads for miniature and dolls house crochet projects
Make Miniature Seagulls from Modelling Clays
Make scale miniature seagulls in a range of poses to use in scale scenes.
Vignette Displays in 1:12 Scale From the 2015...
Slide show of 1:12 scale vignettes from the 2015 Seattle Miniature Show
Make Glass Front Upper Kitchen Cabinets For the...
Add to your miniature scale kitchen with custom upper cabinets. You can make them with or without the
Use Die Cut Stickers to Make Detailed Designs...
Make miniature flocked rugs for a dolls house using die cut stickers to make the detailed design elements.
Great Sources for 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Models
List of top companies making 1:43 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and international and historic racing models.
Most Popular Craft Materials for Miniatures,...
Descriptions of materials used to make, finish, build and display miniatures, what to use and when to make model buildings, dollhouses, and scale miniature items for your collection.
Battery Operated LED Room Lighting Kits for...
Review of room light and mini lighting LED battery operated LED kits by Evan Designs.
Steps to Preparing and Painting Metal Miniatures
Techniques used to paint metal miniatures for gaming, dollhouse, or collectibles.
Make Hanging Pegs and a Shelf From Craft or...
Make a simple dolls house shelf supported by a rail with hanging pegs made from toothpicks and craft sticks or scale wood.
Make Chalk Finish Paints From Common Art Supplies
How to make small quantities of chalk or lime paints for crafts and miniatures using pigments or latex paint and artist's gesso.
Bill Duncan's Custom Carriages and Other...
Learn about historically accurate carriages for your Breyers and other model horses with these photos and descriptions by Bill Duncan of BD Wagons
Make a Basic Doll's Shirt With Long Sleeves For...
Make a doll shirt with a front opening and long sleeves using custom pattern slopers to fit any size or scale of doll.
Tips for Correctly Proportioned Dolls and Figures
Tips on getting the correct proportions for body parts and heads when you sculpt dolls.
Make Scale Miniature Cattails or Bullrushes
Make scale miniature cattails or bullrushes for dolls house or railroad scale scenes using a variety of easily found materials.
Ways to Make Your Project Diorama Special
List of instructions for easy to make diorama containers, miniatures and models to help students or groups create scenes for class or club projects
Make a Basic Doll's House Cupboard or Armoire...
Use simple hand tools to build a basic dolls house scale cupboard or armoire with opening doors.
Set Tiny Tadpoles Into a Water Filled Jar for a...
A beginners project using two part epoxy resin to produce a jar full of tadpoles for a 1:12 scale dolls house scene.
Understanding 3/4 or 1:16 scale Dollhouse...
Explanation of the difference between 1:16 and 3/4 scale.
Make a Printable Miniature Garden Arbor For...
Use these printables as plans for larger dollhouse scale garden arbors made from wood, or make the smaller scale arbors directly from the printable parts for 1:24 or 1:48 scales.
Make Tiny Plant Pots From Paper Strips for...
How to make dolls house scale miniature plant pots using narrow strips of paper or quilling paper.
Mixing Poly Clay Colors Together To Make Shades...
Mixing basic brown shades for dollhouse baking and food, blended from primary colors of Premo polymer clay. Page 2.
Free Printable French Themed Dollhouse...
French themed printable dollhouse wallpapers in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scales
Use Stir Sticks To Make a Dollhouse Bed
Make a dolls house bed with a picket head and footboard from wooden stir sticks. You can also use the technique to make fences
Photo Based Printable Miniature Village Buildings
Printable micro village buildings to use for a Christmas village, or to make into tree decorations or dolls houses for inside a 1:12 scale dollhouse.
Make an Above the Sink Cabinet with a Plate...
How to make a dollhouse scale upper kitchen cabinet with a plate rack, shelf and cup hooks.
Make a Miniature "Glass" Showcase for a...
Use sheet acrylic and simple bending and gluing techniques to build a 'glass' top for dollhouse shop display cases.
Make Miniature Spiral Bound Books and School...
Make miniature spiral bound books and ruled class notebooks in popular dolls house scales for back to school.
Sources of Scale Lumber for a Range of...
List of suppliers and sources of scale wood, lumber or timber in sheets, plywood, stripwood and laser cut details for model buildings, ships, miniature furniture and dolls houses.
Polly Pocket Collectibles, Which Do You Have?
Polly Pocket dolls are available in two completely different size ranges which vary widely in appearance, collectibility and useability for miniatures. Explore information on both styles of Polly Pocket dolls.
Easy Gathered Sundress for Any Doll
Sew this simple gathered sundress to fit any size or shape of doll. The dress can be machine sewn or hand stitched for miniature dolls.
Make Scale Miniature Corn Stalks
Make scale miniature corn (maize) stalks for dolls house and railroad scenes.
How to Make a Farmhouse, Butler's or Belfast...
How to make a range of farmhouse, Belfast or butler's sinks in dollhouse scale.
Make a Miniature Fire for A Doll's House,...
How to make a battery operated miniature fire for a dolls house, railroad, or Christmas village scene using light emitting diodes (LEDS).
Defining the Size of a Town
A 1950's passenger station near Main Street in HO Scale. Page 16.
Miniature Potted Carnations Growth and Care
Grow miniature potted carnations as short lived flowering house plants. Growing and caring for miniature potted carnations.
How to Use The Best Plastic Glues for...
Information on the best glues for plastic, plastic solvent glues or plastic weld glues for models, miniatures and dolls house miniatures.
Great Modelling and Sculpting Tools for Your...
List of the most useful scultping and modelling tools for miniaturists modeling or sculpting in epoxy, polymer clay, paperclay or other materials.
Learn How to Make Miniature Animals and Birds
Tutorials to miniature animals for scale model, railway and dolls' house scenes. These tiny animals are made from a variety of materials, and can be used for displays or decorations as well as in miniature scenes. Stuffed animals suitable as characters for small scale scenes are included in this list.
Easy Build Roomboxes To Display Models and...
Instructions for easy build roomboxes for miniature and dolls house displays, with links to photo galleries of roomboxes and tips on display plannng.
Weave This Tiny Flower Gathering Basket From...
Make a miniature version of a traditional flower gathering basket using embroidery thread and fine wire.
Make Carved Miniature Rope Mouldings for Dolls...
Use these step by step instructions to learn how to carve simple rope edges or moldings for dolls house scale furniture and trims.
Basic Information and Handling Tips for Polymer...
How to use polymer clay for miniature modelling projects - information about safe handling, storage and curing of polymer clay including information on various brands such as Fimo, Cernit, Premo, Kato PolyClay and Sculpey.
Learn How to Make Miniature Food
Make a range of dollhouse miniature and play scale foods with easy to follow photo tutorials. Instructions for cakes, cookies, snacks, and savories.
Micro Scale Printable Shops for Miniature Towns...
Make free photo realistic printable 1:144 (micro) scale shops and buildings buildings as Christmas decorations tree ornaments or for N scale railroads.
Free Charts and Tips for Miniature Needlework...
Miniature needlework counted designs in cross stitch and petite point from the About.com Guides.
Paint Technique for a Faux Marble Finish in...
Use this faux marble paint technique to make countertops, tiles and other marble objects in miniature scales.
Make Miniature Skull Beads, Skulls or Sugar...
How to shape miniature skulls for beads, Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations using polymer clay, clay, paper mache, epoxy putty or sugar and fondant.
Basic Tools for Working with Miniatures, Scale...
Items every miniaturist should have in their basic toolkit for working on metal, wood or plastic models or dollhouse miniatures. Build up a kit of these basic tools as you need them to work on your miniatures.
Make a Poseable Felt Mouse
This adorable miniature felt mouse is easy to sew from felt. Made over a wire armature, the mouse can be posed and used for dollhouses, miniature scenes, or as a Christmas tree decoration.
Make a Simple Display Box for A Memory Collection
How to display small collections of travel or event mementos or small groups of miniatures in a simple display box.
Making Detailed Miniature Plants for 1:48 Scale...
Instructions for making a variety of simple flowering plants for quarter or O scale scenes.
Make These Tiny Pouring Dolls House Teapots...
These tiny dollhouse teapots have opening lids and will pour liquids. They are simple to make from polymer clay in a range of sizes and scales.
Easy Modifications for Action Figures
Inexpensive action figures can often be modified for use in a range of miniature settings and scenes. Here are some easy ways to adapt figures for other uses.
Free Printable Boxes for Christmas Miniatures...
These free printable miniature boxes can be used to make a set for an advent calendar, to wrap tiny presents, or to package miniature products at craft fairs and shows.
Plant a Whimsical Fairy Herb Garden for a...
Turn a kitchen windowbox into a whimsical fairy or miniature garden by pruning your herbs selectively into tiny trees.
Wiring a Dollhouse? What You Need to Know About...
How to choose between copper tape wire, round wire or hybrid systems when you are planning to wire a dolls house for electricity.

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