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Weave a Simple Dolls House Bird Cage With an Opening Door For Birds or Flowers


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Divide the Base Wires Into Groups To Start Weaving the Bird Cage Base
Pairing over the base wires to shape a circular base for a woven bird cage in dolls house scale.

Pairing over the base wires to shape a circular base for a woven bird cage in dolls house scale.

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When the wire bundles are securely glued together where the cross, and the glue has set, separate the wires into groups to prepare to weave the base of the bird cage. Take one wire from the left edge of the top bundle of wires that faces away from you and gently bend it to a 45 degree angle with the wires that cross it at 90 degrees. Take the other six wires and spread them evenly in groups of two, using them to fill in one quarter of a circle. Take the first wire on the left edge of the next group of the four groups of wires and bend it to a 45 degree angle between the groups of wires, bending the other wires in groups of two to evenly fill the next quarter of the circle. Continue to form the wires into the rays of a circle, pulling one wire off of each group, then dividing the other wires off in groups of two. (See Photo.)

When you have all the wires evenly fanned out from the glued center section, cut a three foot (1 M.) section of your weaving thread and loop it over a doubled set of wires to begin pairing or twining it around the wires. To work the pairing weave, the front thread goes over a set of wires, then under the next set, crossing over the thread that comes from the other side of the set of wires as it passes to the back. Pairing is like forming continuous figure eights around the rays of wires. (See Photo). Work the pairing tightly to the glued center section of the wires, keeping it to a circular shape. Work three to four rows of pairing depending on the thickness of your thread.

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