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Weave a Simple Dolls House Bird Cage With an Opening Door For Birds or Flowers


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Materials Used to Make a Dolls House Scale Woven Bird Cage
Fabric wrapped wire and crochet cotton used to make a dolls house scale woven birdcage.

White wire, crochet cotton, glue, wire clippers and scissors used to make a woven bird cage in dolls house scale.

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To Make the Woven Dollhouse Bird Cage You Will Need:

  • Fine Paper or Thread Covered Wire - I used roughly eighteen to twenty-four, eight inch pieces of 28 gauge white thread wrapped wire, or about a twelve to fourteen foot length of wire. If possible use paper covered wire for a neater finish, thread wrapped wire tends to turn fuzzy. Cake decorating suppliers usually sell white paper wrapped wire. You can also paint regular craft wire with white acrylic. If you prefer, you can make a woven 'wood' bird cage using dark brown painted or paper wrapped wire.
  • Crochet or Linen Thread - I used fine crochet cotton, but you can use unwaxed or waxed linen or linen embroidery thread or heavy quilting thread or button hole twist. Use at least three strands of linen embroidery thread or a mid weight crochet cotton, to avoid working rows and rows of ultra fine weaving.
  • Wire Nippers - To cut wire to length
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Ruler
  • PVA (white) Glue - to stop the paper or thread covering on the wire from unravelling.
  • Cyanoacrylate (instant) glue - to hold the threads and wires in place on the top and bottom of the door and around the hanger.
  • Bent Nosed Tweezers - To help adjust threads and wires.
  • Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush - Use the same color of paint as the wire, in order to cover the cut wire ends at the top and bottom of the door.

    NOTE: If you are weaving with white thread and wire, work with clean hands, and work over a clean white cloth or clean surface to avoid causing the wire to pick up dust or dirt as you weave.

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