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Make a Miniature Scale Coiled Rag Basket for a Dolls House


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Make a Miniature Coiled Rag Basket
A 1:12 scale tartan coiled rag basket holds miniature knitting, needles and yarn.

A 1:12 scale coiled rag basket filled with knitting supplies is ready to be placed in a dolls house scene.

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This dolls house scale coiled rag basket is made from fabric wrapped wire. The technique is the same as one used for simple full sized baskets.

This type of coiled basket adds a country look to a dolls house scene. The baskets can be made from narrow wired ribbon twisted into a coil, or narrow ribbon wrapped over wire, or scale pattern fabrics wrapped over wire.

The size of the basket depends on the thickness and length of the fabric wrapped coil. In full size, the fabric is usually wrapped over rope, or cord. To make these miniature baskets easier to make, the fabric has been wrapped over wire. Once you become used to the technique you can wrap the fabric over crochet cord or embroidery thread instead of wire if you prefer.

The baskets are good for sewing baskets, fruit baskets, pet beds, or lots of other uses. Coiled baskets are easy to form into shapes. Your basket can be round, flared, or have straight sides, depending on how you place your coils.

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