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Make a Simple Braided Handle For a Dollhouse Basket
Braiding nine wires to form a simple rounded braid for a dollhouse basket handle.

A cluster of nine wires is held together then the back wire from each side is passed over four adjoining wires on each side to make the braid.

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To Make A Rolled Braid Handle For a Dollhouse Basket Start by cutting nine, four inch sections of fine covered wire. You could also make this handle from raffia cord or crochet cotton, but it is easiest to start with wire first and this will match your practise basket.

Tie or clamp the wire pieces together at one end. A third hand clamp works well for this, but you could use a piece of thread or a paper clamp or clothes peg as well.

Take a piece of wire from the center back of your group and bring it around to the front passing it over four pieces of wire. Take a second wire from the back on the opposite side and bring it around to the front, taking it over four pieces of wire (which crosses it over the piece you just brought around from the back.) Continue to bring the next piece of wire from the back on the left side, then the right side, keeping your braid neat as you go. See photo A above. Stop every once in a while to check the back of the braid to make sure all your wires are being brought out to the front in order.

Every once in a while, gently roll your braid to keep it rounded instead of flat.

Once you have braided an inch or so, you can stop and twist the start of your braid into two equal sections to make the handle ends you will glue into the basket. Trim the ends and fit them into the basket so you can measure how far you need to braid to get your handle to the correct length. When you have braided your handle to the correct length, stop, and twist your remaining wire as shown in photo B above to make the end of the handle that will go inside the basket. Check the fit of your handle and trim the ends to fit.

The next step will show you how to glue the handle into the basket.

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