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Weave a Miniature Oval or Oblong Basket In Dolls House Scale


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Weave a Miniature Oval Basket In Dolls House Scale
The completed oval basket can be used for all kinds of scale dollhouse displays.

The completed oval basket can be used for all kinds of scale dollhouse displays. Here the basket is shown with the hand of a 1:12 scale doll.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This oval /oblong basket can be used in dollhouse miniature scales as an Easter basket, a shopping basket, a gift or presentation basket, or the size can be expanded and a basic miniature baby or moses basket can be made using the same techniques. These tiny woven baskets are also useful for cake and shower decorations for baby showers or weddings.

This basket is the first in our miniature scale weaving series that uses an oval /oblong base. It can be woven in many materials, crochet, quilting or embroidery thread, or woven with strips of raffia and ribbon as is shown here.

This project builds on the skills learned in the first two basket weaving projects, the simple flower basket and the basic fruit basket.

When you have finished this project you will have learned the following new techniques:

  • How to set up an oval base for a basket.
  • How to weave with flat materials, either flat or twinned.
  • How to form a simple decorative edge on a basket.
  • How to make a rounded braided handle for baskets.

Like the other tutorials in this series, all of these techniques are taken from full sized basket weaving projects and can be used for full scale baskets using cane and other materials if you wish.

The next step in this tutorial shows you the materials you will need to make a miniature oval basket in dolls house scale.

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