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Use Simple Basket Coiling Techniques to Make a Scale Miniature Moses Basket


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Make a Miniature Dollhouse Moses or Baby Basket from Wire and Raffia or Thread
Miniature Moses basket made from raffia and wire, shown with a dollhouse doll for scale.

Miniature Moses basket made from raffia and wire, shown with a dollhouse doll for scale.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

This miniature Moses basket, or raffia coiled baby basket is made from strands of raffia wrapped over wire and stitched together. For the dolls house scale baby basket shown here, 32 gauge thread wrapped wire was used as a base. Heavier wires will make a more even basket. Gauges up to #24 wire are relatively easy to bend and use. The wire should be in twelve to fifteen inch lengths.

To make the Moses / Baby Basket You Will Need:

  • 32 to 24 guage wire - you can use thread or paper wrapped wire, or plain wire. I left mine the green color it came, to show you how the raffia covers the wire. I suggest you paint the wire a light buff color similar to the color of raffia before you begin. The basket I made in 1:12 scale required 8 pieces of 12 inch length wire. If you use larger gauge wire (up to #24) you will need fewer pieces to make a similar scale basket.
  • Raffia, thread, or tissue paper - I used raffia from gift wrap to make this basket, which is why it turned out so irregular. Garden stores sometimes sell better quality raffia for use as plant ties. You can also make this basket by wrapping the wires with strands of tissue paper. Cut lengths of tissue paper 1/4 inch wide by 14 to 18 inches long, and twist the paper to a tight coil. Alternatively you can use linen embroidery thread, or ecru or beige crochet cotton to make the basket using the coil and stitch technique.
  • Fine crewel needle - a needle with a blunt tip and a fine point, but a large enough eye to hold the raffia is preferable. You don't want to use too long a needle.
  • Sewing thread - you only need a tiny bit to tie off the raffia at the beginning of the project.

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