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Top 4 Model Car Racing & Slot Car Scales


Slot cars for model car racing are available in a variety of scales depending on the use. Tracks vary with scales, and large competition tracks for 1:24 scale cars are too large for most homes. Track materials also vary with the scales so choose which type of scale car you buy based on how and where it will be used.

1. Slot Car Scales for Competitions

  • 1:24 scale - is used for commercial racetracks. Cars in this scale are 7-8 inches 18-20 cm. long. Tracks are too large for normal home use.

  • 1:32scale - (equivalent to the old #1 Gauge of toy trains) is a popular competition scale which can also be used at home on larger layouts. 1:32 is the same scale as Britains toy soldiers and figures. 1:32 Slot cars are 5-6 inches (13-15 cm.) long.

  • HO scales - where the cars vary from 1:87 to 1:64 scale.

2. Slot Car Scales for Home Racing

  • 1:32 scale is fast becoming a popular choice for home racers as well as competitions. In 1:32 scale a track with a length of 37 feet will take up 8ft x 16 ft of space.

  • HO scales - 1:87, 1:76 (Britsh OO scale railways). The HO scales have evolved from models adapted from train scales to a car variant which takes larger motors and which is now closer in actual scale to 1:64. The cars are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long (6 to 9 cm ). Regardless of their scale size, HO cars will all run on the same width track.

  • O scale - Slot cars are also available in O scales similar toy train scales of 1:48, but these are an unusual size.

3. Slot Cars for Children

  • Children's cars and tracks are mostly marketed in 1:43 scale which is similar in size to O scale trains (toy trains). A car in this scale is 4 1/4 or 11 cm long.

  • Darda cars, another popular form of model car racing (wind up motor racing no electricity) are listed as being 1:43 scale but that appears to vary with the model and ranges up to 1:58 at least.

4. Track types

  • 1:24 and 1:32 cars for competition are usually run on wood sheet tracks with routed guides for the cars and commonly have 6 – 8 lanes. The most often discussed track for competition 1:24 racing is the blue king track which is 155 ft. long and designed to particular shapes and standards.

  • HO scale competition tracks are usually 60 - 100 ft long with 4- 6 lanes. In this scale the track may be routed wood or plastic.

  • Children's cars for home use generally run on plastic slot together track sections.

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