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Top 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Companies


1:43 scale is one of the most popularly collected die cast car scales world wide. Prices are usually linked to the finishing details and number of working parts. Many types and edition runs of limited editions are available, some companies also create serialized limited editions.

If you want to add to a friend's collection, find out what particular style and type of car they collect. To collect a memento of someone's first car, check the various companies for the range of models they produce.

These top picks are in alphabetical order.

1. Auto Art

Auto Art produce a huge line of scale models and die cast cars.. They also produce 1:12,1:18 1:64 as well as 1:24 and 1:32 slot cars. The 1:43 range is mainly current model cars, with some racing models, especially rally models. Prices in 1:43 scale are from $25- 40.

Gateway global who manufacture Auto art also produce the Gate brand of die casts They have a die cast collectors club online and also sell a wide line of accessories for car fanatics.

2. Bang Model Cars

Bang Model Cars is an Italian company with a range consisting of well finished classic and exotic street and race cars. Prices Range from $40 – 60.

3. BBR

BBR is an Italian company which produces resin and metal kits as well as very high end built models in 1:43 scale. They have an online archive of all of their models, some of their white model kits have more than 300pieces. Built models range in price from $160 to $260.

4. Bburago

Bburago produce street fire and street tuners collections in 1:43 scale. Bburago are some of the most widely available die cast cars, found everywhere from collectors stores to big box retailers. They also produce much of their line in other scales of 1:18,1:24, 1:32, as well as some kits. Prices are around $5 for most of their 1:43 scale line.

5. Brooklin Models

Brooklin produce hand built die cast replicas of vehicles in several lines:

  • The Brooklin Collection are authentic models of American cars from 1931- 1967.
  • The Landsdowne Collection are British cars from the 1936.to 1979.
  • The Rob Eddie line are all Swedish model cars from 1928 to 1987.
  • The US Mint line are a number of collectible vehicles in 1:43 scale including collectible trucks.
  • IPV are international Police Vehicles .
  • CSV are Community Service Vehicles, including classic hearses, ambulances and fire trucks.

Every year Brooklin selects six of their model vehicles to be rodded in 1:43 Scale for their Rod 43rd series

A comprehensive list of all past models and a gallery of how they are made is on the website. Price range $40-100 and up.

6. Brumm

Brumm is an Italian company specializing in classic Italian street and race cars. They currently list over 250 different models. The English version of this site does not appear to exist any longer, but as the site has just undergone a major revamp it may come back. Brumm also has a collectors club. Prices range from $20 for most single models up to $50 for sets.

7. Corgi

Corgi's motto is making the great small Corgi have a collector's club. For the company's 50th anniversary in 2006 they produced a special website outlining their history, with a listing of their top 50 die cast collectible models. Prices range from $15 to $50 for most new introductions.

8. Hongwell Toys Ltd.

Hongwell Toys Ltd. produce the Cararama series of die casts in 1:43 and other scales. The range includes a number of classic cars with trailers as well as current street and race cars and military vehicles. Prices range from $7-$15.

9. IXO Models

IXO models produce modern and clasic race cars, road cars and sports cars, with rally and Le Man's themes in the race lines. Prices range from $7-$ 50

10. Kyosho

Kyosho make more than 250 models of 1:43 scale cars, mostly current models, as well as die casts in 1:12, 1:18, 1:50 1:64 and 1:80 scales, rc cars and airplanes. In the $30 – 70 range they have some nicely detailed newer model cars, some with opening hoods and trunks.

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