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Diecast Collector Magazine

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The Bottom Line

Diecast Collector is a great magazine for people who follow classic collectibles and newly released 1:43 scale die casts. The excellent background articles have clear detail photographs which add to the reader's understanding of a wide range of collectibles and periods. Auction prices (in the UK not US $) are given in every issue, allowing readers to track current collectible markets. New release from a wide variety of die cast companies are covered, as well as collectibles from Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Hot Wheels and others. Airplanes, boats, buses, farm vehicles, military and work vehicles are all covered.

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  • Wide range of die casts covered from old to new releases.
  • Covers all types of diecast vehicles.
  • Current auction room reports.
  • Good background articles on companies and releases.


  • Based in the UK, focuses more on European releases.
  • Little on current 1:18 scale, mostly 1:43 and 1:50 scales.


  • Great information on releases and history for collectors of diecast toy ranges.
  • Good information for collectors new to die cast collection, includes information on quirks of many makers and odd variants.
  • Majority of coverage is European but the magazine makes a monthly effort to include smaller scale American diecasts as well.

Guide Review - Diecast Collector Magazine

Diecast Collector is one of the Warner group collectible magazines, which include Dolls House and Miniature Scene, and Collect It! It has good coverage of all types of diecast collectibles although there is more coverage of European models than American muscle cars or Nascar.

Most of the car articles focus on older collectible toy ranges, or newer collectible releases in 1:43 scale. For newer releases there are good descriptions of the accuracy of the detailing and paint. Articles on older collectibles discuss scale, condition and information about reissues or new releases. A current series of articles is discussing Hot Wheels releases year by year with detailed descriptions of changes to each model over the issue release.

The magazine covers a wide range of diecasts and does not focus solely on car models. Boats, farm vehicles and work/transport vehicles, airplanes and boats also receive regular coverage.

Auction information is current and compares the prices from sales at major UK auction rooms (online and live).

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