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Vehicle Miniatures - Cars, Boats, Planes, Farm Equipment in Scale

Miniature vehicles; boats, planes, farm equipment and more, including diecast, scale plastic models, wooden boats and slot cars.
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Top 1:12 Scale Die Cast Cars
List of Popular 1:12 Scale Die Cast Cars and Car Models

Use Embossing Powders to Add Texture to Small Scale Models and Miniatures
How to use embossing powders to add textured surfaces to small scale models, dolls house miniatures, and model car interiors.

Fine Hand Held Toothed Blades Designed for Precision Cutting in Tight Areas.
A review of Squadron TechStar Micro Saws, fine hand-held blades used for cutting plastic, resin, wood and polymer clay.

Clean Seam Lines for a Better Finish on Plastic, Resin and Metal Miniatures
Remove flash and clean excess plastic, resin or metal from seam lines to create a better fit and finish for your models.

Book Review - The Complete Car Modeller 2 by Gerald Wingrove
Review of Gerald Wingrove's book on scratch modelling a 1:15 Weinberger Bugatti Royale.

Review - Making Model Gypsy Caravans
Review of the book Making Model Gypsy Caravans by John Thompson

Interview with Expert Model Horse Vehicle Maker Bill Duncan
Meet Bill Duncan, the original antique cowboy, model horse tack maker and expert vehicle / carriage maker and contributor to the 2010 WEG Breyer project.

An Introduction to Showing Model Horses in Harness Classes
A brief introduction to showing model horses and Breyers in harness classes.

Review of Scale Auto Magazine
A review of scale auto magazine, a magazine for car modelling enthusiasts.

Fine Scale Modeler Magazine - Magazine for American Military Modelling Buffs
Review of Fine Scale Modeler Magazine by Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Make a Working Miniature 1:18 Scale Trouble Light for a Model Garage
Make a miniature working trouble light in 1:18 Scale for a model car garage or die cast car display.

Dinky Toy Collectibles
A photo gallery of Meccano Dinky Toy collectibles with price guides.

Top 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top 1:43 Die Cast Car Companies with descriptions of their specialities and links to their home websites.

1:18 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top companies making 1:18 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and historic racing models.

Top 4 Model Car Racing and Slot Car Scales
Description of the special scales used for model car racing using slot cars.

Review of Collecting Model Car and Truck Kits
A review of the book Collecting Model Car and Truck Kits by Tim Boyd.

1:8 Scale Harley Davidson Knucklehead Model
This gallery of photos of a 1:8 scale working Harley Davison Knucklehead built by Jerry Kieffer comes from Basem Wasef's motorcycles.about.com site

Coastal Freighter Emiliana
Printable sheets and directions for building a detailed 1:250 scale coastal bulk freighter the Emiliana Torrini from paper.

HO Slot Car Racing - Slot Car Scales
A good discussion of the sizes of layouts needed for H0, 1:32 and 1:24 scale tracks.

DieCast Lovers Website for Collection Photos
Non Profit site where collectors can share photos of their favorite die casts and set up organized collection lists.

Digital Slot Car Racing Makes Major Changes to An Old Activity
Basic explanation of Digital Slot Car racing, what is involved and how it differs from conventional slot car racing. Page from the Scale Modellers Handbook site.

Guild of Model Wheelwrights
Looking for information about roman carriages? Want to know how to build a 1:12 scale wooden wheelbarrow or learn more about Conestoga Wagons? The Guild of Model Wheelwrights specialize in horse drawn and utility vehicles of all types.

Scale Model Horse Drawn Vehicles
A site devoted to presenting plans and examples of horse drawn vehicles from various makers. Includes hints and tips for building and links to various specialists in the field.

Fiddler's Green Paper Models
Fiddler's Green specialize in paper models in various scales. Their free downloadable business cards, which allow you to build really miniature planes, can be addicting. Their website is currently being rebuilt, so some pages may be unavailable for a while.

Gerald Wingrove Collection - Exceptional Car Miniatures
Gerald Wingrove received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the Queen for his modeling skills. Good photographs detailing how they are constructed.

Acme License Maker
This website allows you to produce a miniature license plate graphic for most states and several provinces in a variety of years. If you are looking for authentic looking license plates for your collection you may be able to create them here.

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