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Not all the buildings at Bekonscot Model Village are highly detailed. Cleaver layout and arrangement helps to add details to the scene as well.
Model farm buildings in 1:12 miniature scale at Bekonscot Model Village

A collection of 1:12 scale model farm buildings (with smaller scale farm vehicles) at Bekonscot Model Village

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This model farm is adjacent to the thatched building with the roof that smokes. It adds a sense of village life, but doesn't distract from the more elaborate buildings or animated scenes. Bekonscot is a good mix of lots of detail in areas where visitors are encouraged to stop and look, along with good basic background layouts which can be added to in future if necessary. With this particular model farm the buildings simple colors let them dissappear a bit into the landscape, while still highlighting some scenes of village life not on view elsewhere. A lot of the interst in this scene comes from the way the buildings are laid out, rather than the design of the buildings themselves.

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