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Clark College is one of the larger model buildings at Bekonscot. The plain green backdrop of the hedge serves to give it the space it deserves.
A large model college in Bekonscot Model Village

A rather grande model of Clark College at Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

One of the challenges of a highly detailed miniature landscape is to set large and small features into the space without having them appear out of scale, or too crowded. Here the magnificant "Clark College" is set apart from the rest of the village by green space in front and a hedge behind, making it appear more imposing than it would if it was crowded closer in to the village scene. Not only the buildings have to be laid out to fit into the landscape, but the walkways have to be carefully designed to suit the size and position of the buildings as well. Too close to large buildings and you miss the details of their structure. If the observer is too far away, there is less opportunity to add characters and personality to the scenes surrounding the buildings.

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