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Adding Realistic Animations to Still Scenes


Another way Bekonscot keeps the interest of visitor's high is by using a range of animations to create interest. Fire in the Thatch is one of its most famous animated views.
Fire scene with smoke in a thatched cottage at Bekonscot Model Village

Animated miniature fire scene in a 1:12 scale thatched cottage at Bekonscot Model Village

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To stop visitors in their tracks, and make people look a bit more closely at scenes, Bekonscot model village employs a range of animated features. Fire in the thatch is extremely successful as a large puff of smoke begins to pour from the model, drawing the attention of everyone in the area. The smoke effect lasts long enough for you to see all the details of that particular scene, and then stops, leaving visitors to explore what else might be around. Carefully timed to prevent all but the most patient from waiting for a second eruption of 'fire', the animation helps to move people gently through the one way walk around the village on busy days.

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