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Bulldogs From Victorian Postcards


Careful shading defines subtle body lines in the bull dogs in 1:12 scale by artisan Kerry Pajutee
Pair of Victorian bull dogs in 1:12 scale by Kerri Pajutee

Miniature Bull dogs by Kerri Pajutee in 1:12 dollhouse scale.

Photo Courtesy Kerri Pajutee Copyright 2008 Used With Permission

The subtle shading of the flocked coats on these scale miniature bulldogs shows the care and detail that Kerry Pajutee applies to her work.

"Two formidable old tyme Bulldogs in 1:12 scale. These bullies were specifically created to look like the leaner, taller bulldogs featured on Victorian postcards of old. So many of the dollhouse enthusiasts have period houses and I wanted these to be an accurate representation of the breed during those times."

"The dogs are one of a kind polymer clay sculpts over wire armatures with creamy, white coats of applied alpaca flocking. Their eyes are agate rounds. Each dog sports a removable spiked leather collar."

Victorian Bulldogs by Kerri Pajutee. Visit her website at Kerri Pajutee Miniature Animals

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