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Tweezer Bee Reverse Grip Tweezers

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Tweezer bee reverse grip tweezers shown for comparison beside a similar design of regular tweezer.

Tweezer Bee tweezers by EK Success have a reverse grip which means the tweezer is closed when at rest unlike the regular tweezers shown here with them.

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The Bottom Line

EK Success market a wide range of useful tools designed for scrapbooking and other paper crafts. Their Tweezer Bee tweezers are well designed, with very sharp fine pointed tips that are better aligned than many tweezers. The reverse grip is useful, as the tweezers will hold items when you let go, serving as a third hand. Unfortunately, the spring grip action makes holding small round objects, like beads, more difficult than with a regular set of tweezers, unless you can tweeze the bead with the point.

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  • Reverse Grip, holds an item when you let go
  • Non stick coating
  • Good rubber grip
  • Very Fine Points
  • Long Angled Head


  • Difficult to use to pick up small round objects like beads
  • Needs some practise to work with the reverse grip action


  • Light weight, easy to grip and use.
  • Long sharp offset tip makes manipulating items into tight places very easy.
  • Reverse action takes a bit of getting used to and is not suited to multiple round objects like beads.
  • Fairly easy to find in most paper craft stores.
  • Hope they come out with a similar non reverse grip tweezer for those times you may need a more regular style.

Guide Review - Tweezer Bee Reverse Grip Tweezers

Miniaturists use tweezers a lot, so the right pair can make a major difference to your work. Tweezer Bee by EK success are a lightweight, well engineered set of reverse grip tweezers. This means the points are tight together until you press on the soft rubbery grip to release them, the reverse of a normal set of tweezers.

The tweezer points on my pair are needle sharp, and come with a much needed rubber tip protector. This is not a tool I would advise handing to a young child. Designed for picking up stickers (the tweezers have a non stick coating) the angle of the tweezer head is designed for use primarily with the tips down. I often use regular angle head tweezers with the long edge down to turn or curl paper, so the head design on the Tweezer Bee although ergonomically correct for using the tips, becomes a bit awkward if you need to use the sides of the tweezer as well and have to turn the tweezers point side up to do so.

The reverse action spring is very easy to activate, which may require some adjustments to your tweezer working habits. Normally I can use tweezers to pick up anything small, including needles and beads. The Tweezer Bee tweezers can be opened to pick up the beads, but open from the back to the tips, which means tension from the spring may cause the bead to squirt off the tweezers, unless the bead is picked up with the pointed tips through the bead hole. That reverse action does mean that you don't need a death grip on the tweezer to hold something until glue dries. If you can prop the tweezer in the right position, it will hang on to your object until you release the grip, as long as the object isn't round!

I picked up these tweezers when I thought I had lost my best loved, now off the market. With a hole for a chain in the handle, this one should be easier to keep track of. I can even chain it to my desk!

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