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Review of Clay or Color Shaper Tools With Silicone Tips

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Silicone tipped clay or color shapers are ideal for modelling fine lines in poly clay, or paper clay

Clay and color shaper tools are ideal for modelling small lines and details in landscapes and terrains, or in polymer clay dolls. The flexible tips allow easy manipulation of paint and modelling materials.

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The Bottom Line

Silicone or rubber tipped clay or paint shapers are a wonderful tool for manipulating thick paints and all forms of clay and modelling material. Available in several sizes, shapes, and degrees of firmness, clay shapers can be held and used just like a brush. The soft silicone tips work like tiny fingers when modelling clay, polymer clay, wax, paper clay, plaster or epoxy putty. As the tips are made of silicone, most glues and materials will not adhere to the clay shaper tip. The tools are sold by ceramic, polymer clay and art supply houses. Most miniaturist will prefer the finer tips available from art stores.


  • Available in a range of specialized tip shapes
  • Available in several different levels of firmness for varied materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Silicon tips make them useful for many modelling materials and paints.
  • Double ended versions available with brushes or ribbon tools


  • Best range found at online art supply houses who also sell clay


  • Good range of tip shapes. Chisels and tapers are the most often used.
  • Available as doubled ended tools with a brush or a ribbon modelling tool on the other end. Wide range of brushes available.
  • Also come in wide flat shapes useful for applying stuccos or levelling surfaces in gaming and railroad terrains
  • Silicone tips are easy to clean, dried clay, paint and glue peel off.

Guide Review - Review of Clay or Color Shaper Tools With Silicone Tips

Modelling fine detail on polymer clay dolls, small pots, paper clay or plaster landscapes or building details is easy with silicone clay shapers. Not just for clay, these tools will model in thick paints and other mediums, as easily as drawing, and as natural as working with your fingers, only in a more precise size and shape.

Most miniaturists will use clay shapers in a range of tip shapes, with a size of 2 or 0, the smallest sizes made. They are usually a better value sold in sets, although you can start with a taper point and a flat or angled chisel shape to try them out if you prefer. Several brands of clay or color shapers are available which have double ends. The double ends vary from brushes paired with shapers, to ribbon tools for modelling paired with a shaper on the other end. Doll makers often choose double ended versions with a brush to smooth polymer clay paired with a fine shaper.

Clay shapers are not just for modelling and sculpting. They work well with thick paints and will turn tube acrylic paint into whipped meringue surfaces for dolls house pies, or run lines in paper clay to simulate grout lines. They are a favorite tool of doll makers who work in polymer clay, as they can smooth seam lines or form small details impossible to create with your fingers.

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