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Dolls House Scale Stencils with Very Fine Details

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Stainless steel stencil with dolls house scale patterns by Black Country Miniatures

Stainless steel stencil by Black Country Miniatures featuring several dolls house scale stencil designs.

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The Bottom Line

Black Country Miniatures produce quality, well designed stainless steel stencils in a range of traditional designs reduced to a scale suitable for 1:12 scale dolls house walls and furniture. The stencils have very fine detail and stand up well to repeated use. They can be used to create traditional wall edgings or wall designs, as well as borders with some designs small enough to be used with stencilled furniture. For the best effects, fine brushes and paints should be used.


  • Highly detailed designs
  • Easy to use, best with quick drying paint, chalk, pastels or pencil crayons
  • Many art nouveau and some traditional styles
  • Great results for the patient


  • Available mainly from the manufacturer
  • Some designs are close to the edge of the plate and require use of an edge mask


  • Finely cut detailed stencils in many traditional designs.
  • Useful for period room stencilled borders, some good for stencilled furniture designs
  • Made of thin stainless steel which is easy to use and clean, yet strong enough to stand up to various application methods.

Guide Review - Dolls House Scale Stencils with Very Fine Details

Fine scale stencils are hard to come by and often oversimplified to make them easier to use. The thin stainless steel stencils from Black Country Miniatures (via The Ironworks) are thin enough to allow easy stencilling, yet sturdy enough to stand up to repeated use without damaging the fine detail of the stencil.

The stencils can be used with fine colored pencils, paints, chalks and artist's mediums to create a range of colored and raised surface effects. The stencils are clear and well designed, featuring small keyed areas that enable the stencil to be repeated easily, provided the miniaturist is patient enough to wait until the medium is thoroughly dry before moving the stencil.

Available in three sizes, many of the stencils have more than one repeatable design. The designs cover a wide range, from traditional and art nouveau florals and garlands to Egyptian and children's motifs of stuffed bears and rabbits. The complete range can be viewed online at The Ironworks Miniatures

Using the Stencils - You may find it easier to apply paint and chalk through the tiny details of these stencils using disposable fine or superfine Microbrushes TM. You can also customize an inexpensive flat ended paint brush into a micro stencil brush by wrapping the brush bristles with a piece of tape to create a miniature round pouncing or stencil brush.

Price and Availability - Cost from $5 to $12 (depending on exchange rate) Available online from Ironworks Miniatures in the UK, sometimes found in speciality dolls house shops.

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