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Make Simple Scale Hinges From Scraps of Metal


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Make Miniature Scale Hinges Using Basic Hand Tools and Scraps of Metal
Handmade simple dolls house hinge compared for size to a commercial hinge in the same scale.

A simple handmade dolls house hinge made with metal from a tin can, compared to a commercial brass hinge for scale and size possible with simple hand tools.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Scale hinges for models or dolls house furniture are not something modellers make often, but they aren't particularly difficult to make using sheet brass or scrap metal from tin cans. This tutorial will show you the steps to making a simple hinge which can be modified to make a range of hinge shapes and styles for modelling purposes.

You don't need special materials or tools. You will need a basic pillar or rectangular shaped needle file, a pin, and needle nose or beading pliers. You can practise making the hinges from material salvaged from tin cans or aluminium pop cans, then go on to making custom hinges from sheet brass or copper.

As you can see in the photo above, you can make finer scale hinges than those available commercially with a few simple steps.

Note The problem with scale hinges is that they won't support a lot of weight, and they are difficult to anchor in a project as scale 'nails' must be very short. You can use this method to produce slightly stronger hinges by soldering the hinge ends, but you will still have the difficulty of anchoring the hinge to the miniature piece so that it won't pull out.

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