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How to Make Tiny Bells from Polymer Clay With or Without a Mold.


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Make Miniature Bells for Scale Scenes Or Use Fondant and Make Them For Cakes
Assortment of dolls house bells in various scales made from polymer clay.

Miniature scale bells in various sizes and styles made from polymer clay.

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Sculpting bells is a useful technique that can be employed to make scale miniatures from polymer clay or two part epoxy putty, or to make edible cake decorations from a fondant base. You will need to adapt your tools to suit the size of the bell you wish to make.

The dolls house scale bells shown here were made using large and medium embossing tools with rounded ball ends. A method for making silicone putty molds for miniature bells (suitable for paper mache, fondant, or polymer clay) is also shown. The bells on the right of the photo, the large bronze bell with the small crack and the red glittered bell, were shaped in molds made from a golf tee (the bronze bell) and the plastic top of a china glue tube (the red bell).

The size of your bell will depend on both your skills, and the type of polymer clay or fondant that you are using. Large bells with thin sides are easiest to make using very elastic clay. If you want large fondant bells for the top of a wedding cake, you will find it easier to use a special mold than to make bells by hand, but smaller bells to decorate garlands on the sides of cakes, are easy to mold freehand.

The hand bell was made from a polymer clay bell, with a handle cut from a decorative toothpick inserted into a hole on the top of the bell after it was cured. The bell clapper was made by dipping a piece of thread in glue to form a rounded blob, which was then trimmed to length and glued to the inside top of the handbell.

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