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Design and Cast Decorative Moldings For Miniatures With Silicone Putty


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Silicone Miniature Detail Molds Ready to Cast
A mold of a decorative detail used to cast sets of matching decorations for miniature furniture.

A mold made from a decorative detail can be used to cast an entire set of matching decorations for dollhouse furniture or wall finishes.

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Two part silicone mold putty has been mixed together according to directions and then pressed down firmly over the master shapes. It is important not to move the putty around too much or the mold may distort slightly. The top of the mold putty has been pressed down lightly with a flat surface to make the mold have a flat base when it is turned over. This will make it easier to pour liquids (metal or resin) into the mold if you wish to use it to cast copies.

After the putty has set firm, it is removed from the master shape. It can be used to cast multiple exact copies using plaster, gesso, polymer clay, resin, paper clay, or other materials suitable for casting. Silicone mold putty stretches so it can be used on master shapes where the design has slight undercuts, parts of the shape which curve back underneath and cannot be seen from the front. If there are large undercuts, you may want to use a different casting material or create a two part mold.

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