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Tie Miniature Ribbon Bows for Anything From Dollhouses to Hair Ornaments


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Assemble the Materials to Make a Miniature Ribbon Bow Former
Scrap wood, finishing nails, metal file, and wire cutters used to make a ribbon bow form.

Block of wood, finishing nails, metal file and wire cutters used to make a form for tiny ribbon bows in dolls house scale.

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Making miniature ribbon bows is much easier with a bow former to hold loops of even sizes. This simple bow former will allow you to make single and multi loop bows.

Materials For a Simple Miniature Bow Former

  • Scrap Piece of Wood This should be heavy enough not to tip over, or a size you can clamp.
  • Two Finishing Nails or you can use picture frame nails. You want something which will give you a straight 3/4 to 1 inch length of fastened stiff wire.
  • Wire Cutters to cut the tops off the nails.
  • Metal File to smooth the cut ends of the nails.

To Make Miniature Ribbon Bows You Will Need

  • Narrow Ribbon You can use 1/8 or 1/16 inch ribbon, or fine beaded trims, or cut plastic curling ribbon in half or smaller to produce finer ribbon for small bows.
  • Fine Wire or Thread to tie the centers of the bows. Wire is preferred, but for bows you will sew in place, you can use thread or ribbon.
  • Bent Nose Tweezers to shape the loops for the bows and make them puff out.
  • Sharp Scissors to trim the ends of the ribbon.

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