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Tie Miniature Ribbon Bows for Anything From Dollhouses to Hair Ornaments


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How to Tie Tiny Ribbon Bows
Miniature multi- loop satin bow on a dolls house scale Christmas wreath.

Miniature satin bow in dolls house scale on a holly wreath one and one half inches across.

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Ribbon bows can be made in several miniature scales if you use a bow maker to measure the size of the loops and hold them in place while you secure them into a bow. The tiny bows can be used on dolls house packages, tiny wreaths for Christmas villages, or to decorate dolls clothing. Like standard florist's bows, you have the most control over the ribbon shape if you secure the center with wire.

You can use ribbon or thread to hold the bow's center if you are going to be sewing it to dolls clothing or some other fabric surface.

The most useful size of bow is the standard florists bow which represents nine inches wide in your chosen scale. Work out how large a bow you want and use the instructions that follow to make simple bow makers that will form your scale bows.

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