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Scale Model Stone Walls from Foam for Terrains, Villages and Nativities


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Make Stone Walls From Styrofoam Bead Board
Use a pencil to draw stacked stones on sheet styrofoam to make a building wall.

Use a pencil to draw out rough stone shapes on a styrofoam wall. Space the stones above the previous level's gaps.

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Steps To Make Faux Stone Walls from Stryofoam Bead Board

Just as with other foams, when making faux stone walls from styrofoam bead board sheets or recycled packaging materials, first cut and assemble the pieces for your project, according to the scale and design you need. When the glue (if used) has dried, mark out lines across the wall using a ruler and pencil, to set the approximate layers for the stones. The lines can be curved or straight, but should be sized to make stones suitable to the scale you want for your project.

Scribe the Horizontal Layer Lines For a Stone Wall Made From Styrofoam Bead Board

You can use a pencil or a knife to scribe the general layer lines for your faux stone wall. The pencil will just pull away the styrofoam beads for rough seams between the stones, if you want a neat line for dressed stone block walls, use a craft knife to mark the lines.

Create the Individual Faux Stone Outlines

With the main wall lines scribed, use the pencil or the knife to draw semi vertical lines between the layer lines to create the outlines of your stones. This is a messy process when using styrofoam bead board as the beads go everywhere! Make sure you also roughen any straight edges of your wall if you want a rough or dry stone wall, instead of a linear dressed stone wall of blocks.

Finally, carve some dents into the surface of your individual stones, or cut small sections away with a craft knife to make them less flat on the surface. This is not necessary for dressed (block) stone walls. Make sure you carve stones on all sides of your wall or building, most dry stone walls will have a capping layer one or two stones across on the top of the wall.

Note These same techniques can be used to make square stucco walls with some exposed stone beneath in broken areas, just leave the foam board surface flat in the stucco areas, and create areas of exposed stone by outlining stones on corners, or areas close to openings where a stucco coating might have worn away.

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