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Set Up A Working Waterfall or Fountain for a Fairy Garden or Dolls House


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Make a Working Fountain For a Miniature Scene, Fairy Garden, or Dollhouse
Simple recycling fountain in a miniature garden setting.

The simple miniature fountain is set into the base of a fairy garden with gravel filling the water return and hiding the edge of the return cap.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These instructions explain the technique for making simple flowing water features in small spaces, including fairy garden planters, dollhouses and model scenes. As long as a reservoir can be placed within the 'head' or pumping distance for a miniature fountain, and a simple water return can recycle the water back to the pump, you can set water features in any small garden or model, where the water and damp will not damage the miniatures. This is the basic method of putting flowing water into kitchen taps in dollhouse scenes, as well as items like overflowing beer kegs in a model railroad setting. In these instructions I've shown the simplest water feature, a 'bubble' fountain but the same technique works to build miniature waterfalls or decorative fountains.

Where to Find a Miniature Pump To make simple water features you will need a working miniature pump. Suitable pumps can be found in tabletop fountains, dog and cat water fountains, and occasionally in aquarium shops or florists. Check second hand stores or dollar stores. They are often found online sold as miniature pumps or micro pumps for tabletop fountains. They cost $10 or less from most suppliers. They are available in battery or plug in versions. Plug in versions are best for applications where there may be moisture (miniature gardens). Most of the miniature pumps accept a 1/4 inch (6mm) hose to extend the distance from the pump to the point you want the water to flow.

If you wish, here are the instructions to make a fairy garden in a broken flower pot

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