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How to Make a "Frozen Moment" Miniature Featuring Solids Poured Into Liquids


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Assemble the Splash Sections for the Miniature Cauldron Scene
Miniature stew splashes are glued into a dollhouse scale witch's cauldron

The separately formed splashes are glued to the base of the witch's stew cauldron. Some sections of the splash are attached to the cauldron edge where the drips occur.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To assemble the splash sections in your recieving container, in this example the cauldron, first test the position of the splashes. If you want to create the effect of splashes overflowing the container, you may want to position your splash where the edges of the splash will meet up with some of the 'liquid' pouring over the edges of the container. When you know how you want to arrange your splashes, apply a bit of glue (or tar gel) to the base of the splash and glue it to the surface of the 'liquid' in your container.

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