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Make Realistic Miniature Berries From a Range of Materials including Poly Clay


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Make Dollhouse Scale Berries From A Range of Materials Including Polymer Clay
Tiny raspberry master shapes in 1:12 dolls house scale, made from a range of materials.

Miniature raspberry shapes to use as master molds for polymer clay raspberries in dolls house scale. The shapes are made from (left to right) glue, perlite, embossing powder, sand and micro beads (2)

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Dolls house scale berries can be made from a range of materials. The master shapes for these miniature raspberries are made from glue, sand, embossing powder, perlite (volcanic ash), micro beads, and polymer clay. Choose as miniature scale and make berries in a range of sizes, shapes and colors using these methods. I'll show you how to make basic raspberries in this demonstration.

Materials Needed to Make Dolls House Scale Raspberries

  • Fine Dressmakers' Pins To hold the shape.
  • Small Rounded Particles For the Berry Sections - depending on the scale of the berries you are attempting to make you can use embossing powder granules (1:24 to 1:12 scale berries), fine sand, micro beads (sorted for the smallest beads), tiny beads/balls of polymer clay,perlite (volcanic additive used for plant soil mixes), PVA Glue.
  • Thick PVA Glue
  • Soft, Strong Polymer Clay - you need something that can be pressed into tiny molds easily, but is strong when baked. I used Pardo Jewellery Clay, which has good colors with high translucence for berries, but lots of other clay brands will work well.
  • Fine Ended Embossing Tool to shape the berry centers and pack clay into the mold.
  • Two Part Silicone Mold Putty - to make the molds to cast raspberries from polymer clay. For tiny details like berries, softer mold putties work better than the firmer types. (Alley Goop and Angie Scarr's for example).

To Begin Making Your Miniature Raspberries, Build the Basic Berry Shape on the Head of a Fine Pin

Assemble the materials you want to test for making various scales of berries. The colors of your basic materials are not important, as they are being used to make the shape for a mold, not to make the actual berries. In the photo on this page you can see the following berry shapes from left to right.

  • glue with individual dots of glue attached to a dried ball of glue for each berry segment. The sample has dried clear so you can't see the shape.
  • Perlite - the pin was dipped in glue, then dipped in the finest grains of perlite, and gently rolled to an even shape
  • Embossing Powder Granules These make very fine berries for smaller scales - Raspberries are usually no more than 1 inch tall in full size. The pin was dipped in glue, then dipped carefully into the embossing powder and gently rolled to point the end slightly.
  • Sand - some decorative sand has small rounded particles which will work well for berries.
  • Micro beads - choose the size carefully. The pin was dipped in glue, then rolled in micro beads and gently shaped to form a berry.

When you have decided on your material, make several berries on the heads of pins as shown above. Set aside to dry. (I set mine pin head down in some modelling clay to hold the end of the pin upright until the glue dried.)

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