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Make Pouring Liquids for 'Frozen Moments' in Miniature Scenes.


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Make Pouring Liquid Effects For Miniatures, Models and Dollhouse Scenes
Tea is poured from a dollhouse teapot into a cup in a 'frozen moment' scene in miniature.

A dollhouse doll pours tea into a miniature cup in this 'frozen moment' scene.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Pouring liquids can bring a 'frozen moment' to a dollhouse or model scene, whether it is gas pouring from a gas tank or tea from a teapot spout. This method of making directed pouring streams of liquid can be used for any scene where a liquid is poured from one container to another, or into a puddle or stream. The technique is simple, although you have to have patience and wait for the various steps to dry before you proceed to the next step. As the method using colored PVA glue or tar gel acrylic medium it can be combined with the Miniature Splash Effect for a range of scenes, or used to pour water from a bucket or fountain into a Miniature pool made from sheet plastic

One of the advantages of this method of creating pouring streams of liquids is that it can be adjusted for any color of liquid, you can add objects (fish, strawberries, ice cubes) to the streams, and the method can be corrected during the process without destroying any precious miniatures. On most materials (except paper, and painted surfaces) the stream can be easily removed from the miniatures in the future if you tire of the scene.

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