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Use Stickers to Make Miniature Fabric Transfers for Doll Clothing


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Make Miniature Fabric Transfers For Doll Clothing Using Stickers
Dollhouse BJD in elf hat and Christmas sweater shown with a reindeer faun.

Dollhouse doll in an Elf hat and Christmas sweater with a design from a Christmas parcel stamp. Shown with a Reindeer Faun Christmas ornament.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

A range of fabric transfer designs can be added to miniature doll clothing by turning printed paper designs or paper backed stickers into fabric transfers. These designs are washable, and can be applied to all types of fabric. Watch for suitable stickers at all times of year to make seasonal fabric designs. If you need to determine whether a sticker will fit a particular doll size, carry a printable miniature scale figure with you as a reference to check size and scale.

The Christmas sweater was given a design from a seaonal package sticker.

Note: the ball joint doll in this photo is a "Mina" resin ball jointed doll in 1:12 scale from Carrie Attwood of The Sleeping Elf The reindeer faun is a Christmas tree ornament, adapted for use as a miniature. The doll wears an elf hat made from the instructions for miniature santa hats.

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