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Make a Simple Mould and Cast a Range of Scale Miniature Bottles


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Extending Your Range of Scale Miniature Bottle Products
Dolls house scale wine bottle, flagon, perfume and fillable bottles cast from clear epoxy resin.

Dolls house scale wine bottle, flagon, perfume bottle and filled bottle cast from clear epoxy resin in silicone putty molds.

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Even with a few simple molds you can create a range of scale bottles for a dolls' house. The wine bottle is from the same mold as the filled bottle shown here, and can be coloured with stained glass paints or clear pens to create a range of different colors and 'contents'.

The filled bottle is shown with micro beads, so you can see how clear it is for viewing contents. You can use a wide range of items to fill apothecary jars, including colored sand to simulate bath salts. They are a lot of fun when people pick them up as the can see the contents shift.

More ornate jars and bottles can be made by dressing the necks and tops with combinations of beads to make colored and metallic stoppers. Of course, you can also add on decals, and labels to make your bottles even more interesting.

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