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How to Make Raised Panels for Dollhouse Doors and Walls


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Make Miniature Scale Raised Panels for Dolls House Doors and Walls
Panels in a dollhouse door sanded from craft wood to have bevelled edges.

Bevelled panels in a dolls house miniature door made by sanding strips of craft wood.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Miniature panels with bevelled edges can be used for a range of dolls' house doors, furniture, and wall finishes. The panels are easy to make using this technique of sanding the edge of the panel to create the bevelled edge detail. The same technique works for a range of sizes of panels. You can combine the bevelled panels with flat layers above to make more detailed designs for dollhouse door and wall panels if you wish. The trick to making these panels is in controlling the angle you sand the edge of the panel. Scraps of wood can be used to make sanding blocks the correct size for your project.

When designing panels for miniatures, remember that the panels do not have to fit tightly to the surrounding edge to create a good effect. Sometimes a wider gap between edging on a door and the panel edge, will be more effective. Experiment and practise a few designs so you learn how you can use bevelled panels effectively to add you your miniature designs.

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