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How to Unstick and Make Minor Repairs to Decorative Paper Punches


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How to Take a Plastic Covered Paper Punch Apart
Assembly order for the parts of a plastic covered paper punch.

A covered paper punch is assembled by setting the base on a flat surface, fitting the spring, then fitting the sliding punch into the base. The moving punch cover is fitted over the alignment post, then the final cover is fitted in place.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

With the cover removed from your decorative paper punch, you should be left with the pieces you can see in this photo. There will be a base plate that holds the paper, and directs the moving punch, a return spring, which allows the punch to bounce back when you release your hold or pressure on the punch, the moving punch head, a cap for the moving sections of the punch, and a cover to cover all the working mechanisms and protect your hands.

To begin restoring your punch, remove the spring and plastic parts, and try to remove any bits of paper which are stuck in the jaws of the punch. Use tweezers, be careful not to change the shape of the punch blades, and keep your fingers well away from any sharp surfaces on the punch!

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