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How to Make Miniature Water Features for Terrain or Dolls House Displays


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Make Simple Ponds or Miniature Water Features From a Range of Materials
Finished miniature pond in dolls house scale made from E-Z Water set into dry floral foam.

A finished miniature pond made from E-Z Water in dolls house scale is set into a foam base ready to be completely landscaped.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The simple dollhouse pond shown here can be set into a landscaped garden or used for a stand alone vignette. Realistic water models in dolls house or other scales are not difficult to make, and this tutorial will show you some ways which are easier than the ones which require you to take a leap of faith and pour permanent materials you are unfamiliar with. Regardless of what you want to model water for, a bit of practise with several materials will give you a feel for the water looks you like, so that you can go on to work confidently on larger scale models.

The pond above was built using E-Z Water from Woodland Scenics. Usually this material is poured onto dense finished plaster or hydrostone surfaces for railroad scenes, but it can also be cast separately and added to landscapes, which makes it much easier to practise with. Other materials, including Two part epoxy resin can be used in a similar way. E-Z water sets up much faster and is easier to work with for beginners than is any form of two part epoxy resin or casting resin. If you only need thin layers of water for a surface effect, you can also follow the instructions for the pond settings shown in these instructions and glue the pond materials into the foam 'pool' area, then top the pool with a layer of thin clear acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet can be painted with 'glass' stains, or have layers of Tar Gel Acrylic Medium added to the surface to mimic moving or rippled water. This is the easiest method you can use to create a pool deep enough to display 'fish' or other miniatures set below the water line.

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