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Turn Recycled Plastic Packaging Into Embossed Plastic For Dollhouse Windows


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Make "Etched Glass" for Miniatures and Dollhouses From Recycled Plastic
Samples of embossed plastic ready to be used for dollhouse glass plates and windows.

Packaging plastic recycled and embossed with a metal stencil for use as dollhouse dishes and 'etched' glass windows in several scales.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

This technique for embossing recycled plastic packaging will let you make "Etched Glass" for model building and dollhouse windows and doors, as well as a range of other miniatures including doll's house serving dishes and plates. The technique is another form of heat embossing plastic. To do it you will need a non stick ironing cloth or baking parchment, an iron, bits of recycled plastic packaging to experiment with, and a fine metal stencil or other insctribed metal object. Other objects that may work (depending on the plastic and the heat of your iron) include small metal frames, metal buttons and flat metal scrapbooking embellishments and charms.

For the instructions which follow, I used a fine metal stencil from Black Country Miniatures. You could also try to cut your own stencils using paper punches and recycled aluminum foil pie plates.

The embossed plastic you make can be cut to shape with paper punches for plates and platters, or trimmed to fit in dollhouse windows. In the photo on this page you can see a blank section of plastic cut ready to be made into a dolls' house plate, along with a section of plastic with a design suitable for setting into a 1:48 scale door. The cake stand in the photo is topped with an "etched glass" serving plate made from a disc of embossed plastic.

Caution! - Read the full set of these instructions before proceeding to attempt this technique. Use insulated tweezers or an ironing glove or oven mitt to handle all heated materials. Work in a well ventilated area. If you notice fumes from the plastic, immediately allow it to cool down.!

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