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Circular Stick Weaving Over Needles for Miniature Fabrics


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Finishing Techniques for Circular Stick Weaving
Circular miniature stick weaving removed from needles.

To finish a circular stick weaving in miniature, the needles are carefully pulled through the end of the weave, the warp can then be knotted or turned back into the weft to finish the weaving.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Once you have finished the length you want for your circular stick weaving, carefully draw the needles up through the woven section. It is a bit harder to keep the top and bottom edges of the circular weave at the correct tension, than it is for a flat weave. Once you have the woven cylinder off the needles, take the end of the weft (weaving) strand and use Fray check or PVA glue to glue the end of the weft back against the previous weave to hold the weaving yarn in position. Use your fingers to gently straighten out the woven section if necessary.

The neatest finish for the woven cylinder is to cut the warp thread (black in this sample) where it joins the needle eye, rethread the cut edges through the eye and work the weft thread back through the first five rows of the warp. If necessary, use fray check to hold the threads to the inside of the finished weaving. This finish will leave the new woven fabric ready to be joined to other pieces or left to stand alone.

You can use the circular process to weave small pots and baskets without bases. If you want to weave proper baskets, using traditional weaving techniques but materials like wire and thread which suit miniature scales, see the instructions for Making Miniature Baskets.

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