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How to Bend Sheet Acrylic or Plexiglass With Simple Tools


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Making Even Bends in Paper Thin Acrylic or Plastic Sheet With a Simple Jig
Paper thin sheet acrylic bent in a simple jig using an embossing heat tool.

Scrapbook weight sheet acrylic bent to shape in a simple bending jig with an embossing heat tool.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

You can make bends of all types in very thin sheet acrylic, provided you work out the heat and time required for bending thin material, and do not pass that point. Thin sheets are easily warped quite far away from the bend. For thinner sheets you need to apply heat evenly to a very narrow line of the material. If you do not have a heat source that will work for thin materials, try the method shown for heat welding plastic, using a kitchen spatula or blade heated against an iron, then pressed against the material.

The paper thin acrylic sheet shown here was bent with an embossing heat tool, which was easy to control above the jig. Across a wider section of material, even heat application would be difficult to achieve without causing the material to warp. Using a heated blade would be a more reliable method.

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