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Using the Surrounding Space to Add to The Storyline


In this example of the sewing armoire vignette, the careful placement of items on the floor by the chair gives a sense of time to the scene. Someone has just left the room, but they'll be back soon!
Vintage sewing scene in 1:12 scale with an overflowing armoire and dress on a mannequin.

A vintage sewing room scene with an overflowing armoire exhibited by Cindy Diamond at the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Take away the items on the floor and the chair in this scene and you would have quite a different feel. The positioning of the chair close to the mannequin, as well as the location of the workbox under the chair, the patterns and the pincushion on the chair seat, all imply that someone was just pinning something and has had to leave the space for a short time. Although it is very tiny, this scene still manages to show a moment in time, rather than just a collection of items. The careful color coordination helps to showcase the varied, tiny items and keeps the room 'neat' even with so many textures and patterns in evidence.

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