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Spreading the Predominant Colors


Sue Herber's version of the Altered Cabinet sat beside Babs Raftery's. The main difference is distribution of the gingerbread pieces which are a strong color.
Altered cabinet in 1:12 scale decorated for Christmas  by Sue Herber,

A cabinet decorated for Christmas by Sue Herber, exhibited at the spring 2011 Seattle Dolllhouse Miniature Show

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

I like how Sue Herber broke up the plain top of her cabinet by using it to showcase some of her gingerbread shapes. Placing the candy canes with the Candy Cane sign, and breaking up the set of plates to spread the red around a bit gives it a different feel to the display by Bab's Rafferty.

Hearts seem to stand out more in this display, probably due to the large gingerbread heart on the top of the cabinet, which echoes the two laid out on the lower shelf.

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