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Miniature Vignettes from the 2011 Spring Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Small Stand Alone Scenes from the 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show


I love scale miniature vignettes and windowboxes, which can be a single piece of decorated furniture, the suggestion of a room, or a small scene. Vignettes are often made as club or group projects, and this gallery has multiple examples to show you different interpretations of the same project which is always fun. Take a close look at the examples which follow and see how the different interpretations change how you view parts of the project.
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Furnished  Dutch 'baby' house in a 1:12 scale armoire, by Walt and Jo RisslerTiny Scenes In a Piece of FurnitureDetails of the 1:144 scale rooms in a 1:12 scale Dutch 'baby' house armoire.Fine Detailed Rooms in 1:144 ScaleDollhouse hat shop in a hat box set into a floral wreath by Rosemary ShipmanUsing Unusual Containers In Ways That Set Off the DisplayFront details of the bay window of a 1:12 scale hat shop in a hatbox by Rosemary ShipmanColor To Match The Outer Surroundings
Christmas cabinet in 1:12 scale decorated for Christmas by Babs Raftery with dishes and foodWhat's the Same, What's Different in These Four ScenesAltered cabinet in 1:12 scale decorated for Christmas  by Sue Herber,Spreading the Predominant ColorsAltered dollhouse cabinet in 1:12 scale decorated for Chirstms by Kristine HillUsing Complimentary Colors to Draw the EyeAkltered cabinet in 1:12 scale decorated for Christmas by Carl BrondenSpreading Out the Display
A dollhouse scale vignette featuring Mrs Santa's Kitchen table set with tools for baking.Adding Personality to a SceneA kitchen table set with a Christmas tea for two amidst a whirl of baking. Details Help Define Personality and Time PeriodLaser cut glitter houses with slightly tudor details in a vignette by Karin CorbinRe Inventing the Glitter HousePaper buildings finished with strong traditional colors to set off the architectural styleChanging the Color and Finish Can Radically Change the Style
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