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Beautifully Co-ordinated Traditional Roombox


This traditional roombox is beautifully coordinated and carefully detailed. I'd just like a bit better idea of the room's residents.
Formal living room roombox

"The Smoking Room" roombox in 1:12 dollhouse scale exhibited by Ken Heseltine at the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

It's too bad there is really no effective way to recreate the smell of the pipes and cigars that give this roombox it's theme. Along with the cognac carefully set out in the glasses, the room is obviously awaiting two residents who enjoy a smoke. This roombox is beautifully balanced despite all the varied textures and patterns. It has a relaxing well loved feel to it, and the careful placement of cigar boxes and glass ware define the theme without making it overly obvious.

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