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Setting a Grand Stage Without Showing Everything at Once


Classic friezes, pillars and columns help support the theme of a grand private collection.
Central staircase and displays in Ken Heseltine's

Central staircase and displays in Ken Heseltine's "My Private Museum" roombox in 1:12 scale.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

All the classical building elements in this roombox design help support the idea of grandeur and showcase the classical sculptures in the collection. The white and gold help bounce the light around in what could otherwise be a very dark series of rooms. The formal potted palms help to balance the colors and also imply a sense of the private home to this collection. They also add a a classic period feel and a softer texture than the 'marble' and gilt of the art collection.

There is a very careful balance of shapes, textures, and light throughout this piece which gives it a true feel of a classic collection.

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