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Gingerbread Details Galore in Small Scale


Increasingly fine detail in quarter scale landscaping and interiors.
Quarter Scale

Quarter scale "Trinity Circle" dollhouse exhibited by Rosemary Shipman at the Spring 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show. Kit by Debbie Young of Young at Heart

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Rosemary Shipman's version of Debbie Young's "Trinity Circle" house kit in quarter scale shows some of the ways this dollhouse scale is increasing in finish level. The only "give away" for the scale of this piece is the beads used as plant pots for the topiary at the front entrance. Otherwise this could be a much larger scale Victoria dollhouse.

"Trinity Circle" is one of two kits currently offered by Young at Heart based on the Campmeeting Association cottages on Martha's Vineyard. The porch swing, hanging baskets, and rocking chair all add to the sense of a summer cottage, and with such close attention to scale, the house is very hard to size by eye alone. Her choice of detailed hollyhocks rather than 'suggestive' railroad landscaping helps to add to the finish of the overall miniature. I also love the way Rosemary has set the cottage on a cross section of wood, adding to the sense of a summer cottage by tying the scene into a summer camp style project.

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