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The important lines of this 1930's or 1940's cottage feature the roof and window details
English cottage dollhouse in 1:48 scale with a shingled roof

English Cottage dollhouse in 1:48 scale, exhibited by Faye Liner at the Spring 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Where I live there are several of these North American 'cottages', with their distinctive curved shingled roofs styled to resemble thatch. This example captures all of the main elements of the style, the curved shingles, the bay windows, the softly curved steps. In many North American cities, the style seemed to become more popular with Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs although information on how to create these custom roofs was available at least as early as 1923.

This quarter scale version of a Debbie Young kit takes the strongest lines of the style, the crooked roof ridges and curved shingles, and showcases them on the front end of the building by keeping the scene very simple. On the reverse, where the interior is visible and the building design lines aren't as strong, there is room for a very different type of view.

There are other examples of this kit in previous galleries of the Seattle Dollhouse Show. You can see a href="http://miniatures.about.com/od/dollhousecommunity/ig/Seattle-Quarter-Scale-2010/English-Cottage-L-Gabbert.htm">Lisa Gabberts Version from Spring 2010, and Joanne Forsstrom's English Rose Cottage from Spring 2011.

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