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Collectible Wall Hung Dollhouse


The Avon Victorian Memories Dollhouse and Collectible sets of resin furniture date from 2001. The sets vary from country to country, and the dollhouse is less common than the resin furniture sets.

Avon Victorian Memories Dollhouse exhibited by Fay Liner at the Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This narrow Avon dollhouse designed for a wall display was assembled and brought to the Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show by Faye Liner. The house contains several rooms of the collectible resin furniture which was available in sets for the bedroom (boudoir), parlour, music room, nursery, library, terrace, attic, bathroom and kitchen. The house is in roughly 1:24 scale and is quite shallow.

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