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Why Didn't My Horse Win at the Model Horse Show?


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Use Realistic Props and Accessories for Model Horse Show Entries
Breyer Stablemate horse

There are safety issues with this model horse saddle. Can you spot them?

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

This model horse also placed dead last in a Western trail class. Can you tell why?

Why this Horse Model Placed Poorly

This is the Breyer G1 American Saddlebred model, a Stablemate scale horse model depicting a gaited horse. He's wearing Western tack, but stepping over twigs which could resemble rough-hewn logs. Here's why the horse model placed poorly.

  • The saddle lacks stirrups. There are holes punched in the leather flaps, but a rider couldn't possibly fit his foot into them and ride safely. It's a safety issue!
  • A gaited horse would probably not be gaiting this way over a few poles.
  • The rough hewn logs were a creative idea, but should be all about the same size. Arena ground poles would be more realistic.
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