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Examples of Great Performance Set Ups for Model Horse Live and Photo Shows


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Example of Horse Models in English Trail Classes
Model horse in a photo show scene for an English Trail class.

An English trail class is a great class for beginning model horse hobbyists to enter.

Copyright 2011 by Kollean Gouyton. Used with permission.

English trail is a great class for beginners because many model horse props, including Breyer tack and accessories, can be used in your show ring setting. All you need is a horse model, an English huntseat saddle and bridle, and ground poles or another obtacle. Trail includes many obstacles including gates, water obstacles, bridges and ground poles. Whether you're new to showing model horses or an old hand at it, English trail offers a great performance class to try.

This performance photo of an English trail scene includes a model horses, casual English tack, and Breyer ground poles. It shows you what you can put together to create a photo show scene with out of the box Breyer components.

For more about English trail classes and accesories, you may wish to read:

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