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Western Halter Showmanship Clothing for Breyer Rider Dolls


Western Halter Showmanship Clothing for Breyer Rider Dolls
Breyer horse performance show setup with Western dressed rider doll

A good Western showmanship outfit and photo show setup.

Photo Courtesy Kollean Gouyton Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

As you acquire accessories for your Western halter showmanship performance setups, consider the proper show clothing for Breyer rider dolls. Breyer current produces #529 Kylie, Compare Prices and #536, Austin, Compare Prices, both 8" figures in Traditional scale in western dress. Kylie's outfit is coordinated enough to pass muster in the show pen with a shirt, pants, chaps and cowboy hat. Austin is a bit more casually dressed with a different colored shirt and pants.

Many individuals use the clothing from the Breyer package as a pattern and sew outfits that photograph or show well against their chosen horses or backdrops. You can see an example above where the custom outfit of the doll contributes to the overall look of the photo, including the careful effect of movement in the doll's clothing to reflect the movement of the horse.

A typical Western handler's outfit is color coordinated from head to toe. Items for the rider include:

  • Western "cowboy" hat that matches the outfit
  • Western jacket and shirt in matching color
  • Pants that are the same color or closely match the jacket and shirt
  • Western cowboy-style boots

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